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YouTube advertising is the focus of this post, which will give you some highlights of our free YouTube advertising course. The course starts with an introduction to video marketing and YouTube advertising. Though underutilized by digital marketers, video marketing is profitable. The course recommends that video marketing must not be ignored as a result of shyness or deterrence.

The free YouTube advertising course assumes that you’re already conversant with video marketing and YouTube marketing. So, the knowledge, skill, resources, and confidence you need to understand how to advertise on YouTube are already in place. These things are important so that when you create YouTube videos that are high in quality, your business looks more professional and attracts more engagement.

This course is about YouTube adverting and not video marketing, but it’s good that you know some ‘secrets’ the marketing gurus use to dominate the industry. Written adverts and blog posts are good but are they as engaging as videos that combine sound, music, and images to speak directly to the audience. When you show stuff on the screen, your audience will see the appeal and value proposed. The effect is that your audience gets more familiar with you, understands better, and you gain their trust.

YouTube Advertising

In the course, you’ll discover why YouTube advertising is one of the most effective forms of video marketing. It’s not easy to compete with millions of other content creators by

· Running a blog and/or

· Creating a YouTube channel

It’s difficult to get noticed through your blog or YouTube channel, but they’re a massive platform that can provide incredible reach to users worldwide.

This is why advertising on YouTube is important. If you create an effective YouTube advertising campaign, millions of people can see your video instantly. As a result, you can

· Sell a product directly

· Drive traffic to your website

· Drive traffic to your YouTube channel

Access this free course and learn how to use YouTube advertising to quickly gain huge exposure and build your brand faster while gradually building your channel.

YouTube Advertising, Statistics, and What You Should Learn

The course shows that YouTube as a video sharing site has some staggering statistics.

· It has over one billion users worldwide

· The users are about one-third of internet users

· The user base grows each year by more than three times

· The channel is available in over 76 different languages

· 80% of the viewers come from outside the US

· It serves like Google as a search engine

· It’s only second to Google as a search engine

· It controls the flow of 17% of all internet traffic

For these reasons and more, your video advertising campaign should incorporate YouTube advertising, and it’s affordable too. Advertising statistics on YouTube shows that

· Both advertisers’ revenue and Top channels earnings are growing by 50% each year

· Number of people advertising on YouTube has increased by 40% each year

· Average spending by top over-saturated a

dvertisers has increased by 60%

What can you take away from these statistics?

· YouTube advertising is not over-saturated yet

· You can stand out in your niche and get attention

· Launch your campaign at great prices with excellent ROI

So the course will teach you about YouTube marketing and YouTube ads, how to promote your YouTube video, and how to advertise on YouTube. At the end of everything, the summary of what you’re going to learn about YouTube advertising is how to

· Engage with your audience

· Drive traffic to your channel

· Generate profit

· Grow your brand

Don’t worry about what it takes to create professional videos, how to use the YouTube platform, and the resources required. Just access this course to learn everything about YouTube advertising including

· How to create stunning videos that have professional quality with an affordable budget

· Key phrases and how to get maximum exposure with minimum spend

· The ins and outs of the different options available for creating YouTube ads

· How to integrate your YouTube advertising campaign with a great YouTube channel for maximum exposure

One thing is that the course will show you how to start YouTube advertising right from setting up your account. That is

· Creating your YouTube account/channel

· Building your YouTube channel

· Linking your Google Ads account

· Creating your first video campaign

As expected, you need to target your video to appear on relevant content. Targeting helps you to reach your specific target audience and in turn, this helps you to make more conversions and get a better ROI. But there is more to it than that as well; targeting also helps you to avoid facing so much competition, and this, in turn, helps you to win more bids while spending less on your YouTube advertising campaign. Access the course to learn more for free.

Now it’s time to choose the type of YouTube adverts you want to use. Some of them are

· Text ads

· Overlay ads

· In-display ads

· Video ads

Again, the course will help you on how to set a specific destination after someone clicks on your ads. Your YouTube channel, one of your videos, your landing page or your website, are good examples of a destination you can use.

This course will take you through how video ads work. The cost and destination of your video ads depending on the type of video ads you choose. The course will help you understand more about these video ads

· In-Stream ads

· In-Slate ads

· In- Search ads

In YouTube advertising, you’ve got to think of Google Ads, YouTube, account settings, advert types, destinations, bidding, and more. As you read through the course, even the more advanced concepts like thumbnail creation, advanced targeting, and ideal video length become simplified.

Creating stunning YouTube video ads that leads to success in your YouTube advertising campaign requires

· High-quality videos

· Advanced optimization

· Targeting/bidding strategy

Creating quality videos conventionally for YouTube advertising videos requires a camera that records in at least 1080p. If you can afford the more powerful ones, you may consider investing in a 2k or 4k camera. Other features you need in a camera are

· Cameras with wide-angle lenses

· Cameras with the microphone option

Camera phones are also great for this purpose. Galaxy S6 and Note5 phones are capable of recording 4k with excellent video stabilization effects and much more.

Concerning video editing software, the course has given some options with low and high budgets. The software can be used to improve the look and feel of your videos. You can add things like attractive transitions, video overlays, and much more. You also need to know a bit about set-up and recording your video for YouTube advertising. Access the course to learn more for free.

So far, we have been discussing how to create the traditional video where you can record yourself with a camera and selling your product directly. The sales video can be created without a camera and without you appearing in the video. Just follow the steps in the course to do it yourself or by outsourcing to a professional.

All these efforts are needed to make your YouTube advertising effective at

· Grabbing attention

· Holding attention

· Persuading viewers to click through to

– (1) Your website

– (2) Subscribe to your channel

– (3) Buy your product or service

As you read the course with your attention, you’ll grasp the elements that make these things possible. Your main goal is to introduce a problem and then to show the solution – your product. You need to fully explain what your product is and this can follow this pattern-Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. Ensure that you create a sense of urgency to push that crucial ‘action’ element.

Your investment in YouTube advertising can be a worthwhile one if you do it properly, as outlined in the free course. To get more from your efforts, keep doing these

· Consistent Branding

· Make Your Videos Discoverable

· Watch Your Metrics!

· Match Your Strategy to Your Brand

· And Your Video to Your Strategy

· Watch the Competition

· Build Your Channel

That’s the summary of everything about YouTube advertising. Get the course for free, read everything in detail, and start creating a highly effective YouTube videos advertising campaign.












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