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Top Free YouTube Marketing Course for Earning 6 Figures

YouTube marketing secrets is a free course specially prepared for you to understand YouTube and marketing on YouTube. As a digital marketer, it will help you compare the effects of written content and videos, how you struggle to hold the attention of your audience with written content, and how the user struggles to look away from videos. There’s almost guaranteed success with YouTube if you have something unique and interesting and this course will give you the blueprint to build a huge following you can influence to achieve success.

This YouTube marketing course will take you through the basics of how YouTube works and what it offers. While this provides a basic overview of YouTube, there are tons of tips, tricks and strategies you can use to get more out of it. In this course, you’ll learn these to ensure that your viewers and subscribers truly soar and to help you make a name for yourself and your business.

The Power of YouTube Marketing and How It Works

I covered issues like how to leverage the power of YouTube to increase your brand awareness and profits in the course. YouTube marketing is an aspect of YouTube for business and if you do it well, you’ll make money on YouTube and even join the YouTube celebrities. At this level making money on YouTube will be as easy as:

  • Selling products to your many fans
  • Getting sponsors for your videos
  • Attracting adverts to your videos
  • Promoting a well-monetized website

These results are possible with effective content marketing which means filling your website or channel with engaging content that brings visitors.

YouTube marketing involves advertising on YouTube where your videos can work as adverts. If you follow the steps in the course your videos on YouTube will make it possible for your content to go viral. Viral videos on YouTube, created by businesses, are designed specifically to go viral and to support social marketing campaigns. Learn how you can create YouTube videos and use them as part of your overall marketing strategy. Use them on:

  • Your website to encourage visitors to join your list
  • Facebook adverts
  • Landing pages to support the sale of e-books, courses, and software

Creating YouTube content and using them alongside other forms of marketing enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns. So the YouTube marketing videos should not be the focus of your marketing efforts rather use them in ways that’ll help you increase conversion rates and leads.

This free YouTube marketing course will focus on showing you how to use YouTube videos in your marketing plan depending on your type of business, resources, and the goals you want to achieve. Your plan starts with developing a brand to represent yourself online. You need at least a company name, a logo, and a website. Then you’re ready to set up your channel and start creating YouTube videos.

From the course, you’ve seen that you have got a lot of options to choose from as you plan for YouTube marketing. For example, your YouTube videos can:

  • Effectively work like advertisements
  • Be used alongside other forms of marketing
  • Provide the content for your website

Read more in the course before making your choice because you need to know what you’re choosing and why. The next thing is deciding on your tone and niche. This requires some research, doing things differently, and making your deliveries interesting.

To make money on YouTube, you must make a good plan. Read the course carefully to understand how to easily monetize your existing business using YouTube marketing. If you don’t have a business, it means you’ll be new to digital marketing. To make a living from YouTube, there’re many questions raised in the course and answers provided. Marketing on YouTube can produce needed results when you plan well about your channel, viewers, topics, market research, competitors, etc.

In YouTube marketing, creating YouTube videos that look professional is crucial for your success. This is how people will watch, share, and like your videos. This free course will guide you on how to easily make professional-looking videos without a camera. Here’re the options listed in the course for creating YouTube content:

  • Podcast video
  • Slideshows
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Screencap

There’re YouTube marketing tips on how to create a high-quality video with a camera too. Creating YouTube videos with a high definition camera as described in the course requires the right skills and tools. What type of camera do you need? Which sound recording equipment should you use? What’s the pre-production stage, your script, your storyboard, filming (production), and the post-production tasks? You’ll find the answers to these questions in the course. Check this video creation and marketing ideas you can learn from.

YouTube Marketing

Creating YouTube videos that look professional is good, but it says nothing about the content or how to make your YouTube marketing video popular. To increase the exposure, this course recommends that you make your videos clickable, engaging and likeable with the right titles and messages. The course treated them in detail like how to:

  • Create your titles
  • Get likes for your videos

Another idea you’ll come across in the YouTube marketing course is YouTube channel setup and best practices. If you don’t understand the meaning and reason for some channel terminologies read them up in the course before uploading your videos to YouTube. The likely terms for you to use are:

  • Profile picture and cover image
  • About
  • Playlists
  • Channel trailer
  • Linking social media
  • Featured channels

For a successful YouTube marketing campaign, you need to optimize your YouTube channel and videos in many ways to get exposure. One way to optimize your videos as described in the course is by using SEO keywords. Read the course in detail to get full information about YouTube SEO. Implement what you’ve learnt in the course about optimization to get more fans, interact with your fan base, and make money on YouTube.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube advertising is an aspect of YouTube marketing for making your presence on YouTube more stable and effective to the extent of increasing brand awareness and interest. It’s not great for getting direct sales, the click-through rate is poor and quite interruptive. The course introduces YouTube ads, the meaning, and how it works.

Read the entire course and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your YouTube campaigns and your return on investment (ROI). Learn how to

  • Use your statistics
  • Embed and share your videos
  • Add your link
  • Post regularly
  • Use persuasion in selling your idea
  • Team up with other YouTube users

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Your YouTube marketing efforts will surely pay off as long as you follow the right path discussed in the course. Remember to be narrative and persuasive when presenting your stuff. Invest in high-quality video editing software, take into account sound quality, record in HD, and don’t make your videos too long all the time.

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