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Tips on Free LinkedIn Marketing Course, 2021

LinkedIn is a social network that gives you the opportunity to interact with highly influential individuals within your industry or niche. So LinkedIn marketing will be beneficial to you if you run a blog, website, or business online. Our free LinkedIn marketing course has this to say:

  • LinkedIn differs from other social networks because it’s designed for businesses and it encourages self-promotion
  • LinkedIn gives you access to a network of contacts operating within your field and provides you the means to

-reach them

-work with them

-be seen by them

  • If business is about ‘who you know’ LinkedIn makes sure you know the right people
  • LinkedIn has its own publishing platform that is perfectly designed for content marketing

Facebook, unlike LinkedIn, has an entirely different approach:

  • Facebook encourages you to only add people you actually know to your list of contacts
  • Facebook may punish you if you try to promote yourself strongly because you’ll be regarded as sperm. So, make use of the option of creating business pages on the platform.

Read up the rest about this topic in the free LinkedIn marketing course by Clicking on this link.

LinkedIn marketing

Briefly, here are the tips on what you’re going to learn in this free course-how to:

  • Write professionally
  • Write your LinkedIn headline
  • Select a memorable, reliable, and trustworthy profile picture
  • Create a logo and a brand to use on LinkedIn
  • Use your logo/brand across all your social networks
  • Apply basic SEO on your profile page
  • Add a company page
  • Create ‘showcase pages’ for your products and websites
  • Use endorsement to attract endorsement in return
  • Get people you can connect with
  • Ask people to connect from other channels
  • Post high-quality content regularly
  • Share your blog content
  • Manage your network
  • Post company updates
  • Upgrade to LinkedIn premium
  • Use LinkedIn Ads
  • And much more…

How to Build Your LinkedIn Profile strategically

Your LinkedIn marketing strategy should include building your profile and it’s good you start from that point. Your LinkedIn profile is where you write about yourself. Here’s the order of creating your profile:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Projects
  • Skills and endorsements
  • Education
  • Additional info, honors, and awards
  • Your photo
  • Keywords and choosing keywords

Get the free LinkedIn marketing course to learn more about creating your LinkedIn profile with the list above.

How to Add Your LinkedIn Company Page

The company page is where you write about your business. So it’s like a business profile page. It has fields like:

  • Summary
  • Showcase pages

-each page is for marketing specific aspect of your business

Instead of creating a company page to market each aspect

  • Branding your company page allows you to add your logo in the profile image field and on your cover picture field. The LinkedIn marketing course briefly described how you can go about getting a good logo.

How to Grow and Use Your Personal Network

It’s not yet time for LinkedIn marketing though your profile and company page is ready. Marketing on LinkedIn will not be easy in the absence of your personal network. When you build an enormous network, you’re ready:

  • To find business partners
  • To gain clients
  • For new opportunities to promote your business
  • And much more

Building your personal LinkedIn network (connections) can simply start with those you know from school. You can reach the right people through them. But, don’t just accept all those people you knew from school–make sure that you also actively seek anyone you can think of and use them to build your professional network. And you never know, it might just turn out that someone you used to know is themselves now a powerful connection for you! The wider the audience you connect with, the easier you’ll start reaching out to more people.

You can grow your network by inviting other people to connect with you. The free LinkedIn marketing course has a list of tools that will help you grow your network quickly. Some tools will help you attract followers to your personal profile while some will get people to follow your business website or blog. You can also try to connect in real life:

  • Connect people at a networking or social event
  • Add your LinkedIn profile to your business card

Another important topic in the course is on Managing your network and connections. If you do this well, it means you’ve maintained meaningful relationships with your contacts. So, organize, manage, and consider your contacts and their importance. Fortunately, LinkedIn has some tools for doing this. Before delving into LinkedIn marketing or Instagram marketing remember that you have to do the following first:

  • Create your personal profile
  • Add your company page
  • Grow your network/connections

-personal connections and/or

-business network

Once you’ve put all this time and effort into growing your list of LinkedIn connections, you might then start to think about how you can use them to market your business, your website or your blog

How to Market Yourself and Your Business Using LinkedIn Marketing

An important LinkedIn marketing strategy in this course is Influencer Marketing. It’s an internet marketing concept that combines the features of conventional and network marketing for effective promotion activities. Using this marketing strategy your focus and target will be on quality rather than quantity of the audience. This course will be your guide on how to reach the big influencers.

Just create a relationship with an influencer and get him to

  • Tweet about your product or service(your username included)
  • Re-tweet about something you have said
  • Promote anything from you

This can attract thousands of followers to your LinkedIn account and even sales if you have a product or service to sell. Any re-tweet, guest post or shout out from an Influencer is more effective than using the conventional method of spending hours creating content and building followers.

In LinkedIn marketing, you may not wait to get free promotions from the biggest stars. You can target and connect with the rising stars who are just ahead of you. This is easier because the latter may have a few requests and may have something to benefit from the relationship. When you connect with such an audience, manage them well by congratulating them during birthdays, etc. Avoid sharing things that are self-serving just interesting things. Things as simple as, ‘I am a huge fan and I’ll love if you check out my website.’ There’s a lot to learn on this topic when you gain free access to the course.

Content Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn Marketing

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, content marketing is all about offering value to your visitors through your blog. You should add new content to your blog or website and provide real value to your LinkedIn network. This means your content needs to be interesting, useful, entertaining, and engaging… or all four, preferably the latter.

If you keep posting great quality content to your LinkedIn network, you’ll be regarded as an expert in your niche. When you’ve seen as a leading authority in your field people will begin to seek your opinion on products and services. You’re already an influencer at this point and you can use the opportunity to build business ventures.

To help ease the load on you, our free LinkedIn marketing course has a list of tools that can help you to market on LinkedIn. Tools that can help you:

  • Share your content from your blog directly to other peoples’ LinkedIn networks
  • Make guest posts on LinkedIn
  • Find interesting stories published by your connections
  • Learn industry news to get inspiration for your own content
  • Find influencers in your niche
  • And much more

So far, we’ve highlighted some points on LinkedIn marketing using influencer marketing and content marketing. Let’s add other LinkedIn marketing strategies like:

  • Posting and updates
  • Company updates

-Targeted company updates

You can learn more about them and other aspects of LinkedIn marketing in the free course.

LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Ads

If you’re having success with LinkedIn already and you’d like to get a little more out of it, LinkedIn Premium offers some interesting incentives. These include:

  • Advanced search
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • Search keywords
  • InMail

LinkedIn Ads refers to a kind of PPC network that works like Facebook and Google AdWords. LinkedIn allows you to target those who see your ads. The slightly less popular nature of this platform can benefit you as there will be less competition.

That’s all you need to know about LinkedIn marketing and how you can make the most of it. LinkedIn is built for and valuable to entrepreneurs and businesses. It’s a powerful tool for networking and valuable for marketing especially influencer marketing. Click on this link to get the course free and learn more about LinkedIn marketing.

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