A Review of the Best E-commerce Store Builder for WordPress

A Review of the Best E-commerce Store Builder for WordPress


Learn from a PRO – How to Launch Your First Ecommerce Store in 30 Minutes

Do you know that popular e-commerce sites sold over 500,000 new products every day? Yes! They are earning billions in sales. You can be part of that success if you use the WordPress commission machine to build your e-commerce business.

The good thing is that this best e-commerce store builder opens up to affiliate businesses where marketers earn high commissions every single day. But I have to tell you it is not super easy to be successful in this line of business. You need to have technical skills in building affiliate e-commerce sites. That is why others are paying designers and programmers just to get the job done.

Well… today I have the perfect solution where you need not spend more.

WP Commission Machine- best e-commerce store builder

This is a new 3-in-1 plugin that builds e-commerce affiliate stores in just 51 seconds. It helps you get 100% commissions on complete autopilot from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. Amazing, right?

Want to know more? Let’s go check this review!

 best e-commerce store builder

Features of the best e-commerce store builder

1. Add Unlimited Products to Any Site You Create

WP Commission Machine lets you import unlimited products from any of these 3 Big E-commerce sites and add them to your own site–no limit to how many products you can earn commissions from.

2. Instant eBay Import

Our eBay module lets you find a single or multiple product listing from within your WordPress site and add them as products to your site to earn commissions – instantly.

3. Amazon Product Import

The Amazon module works just as expected, enter a keyword, find the products related to it and add them all to your own site in just ONE Click.

4. AliExpress Fast Import

AliExpress is the fastest e-commerce site in China and offers super low-priced products that you can easily add to your own e-commerce affiliate site in just one click.

5. Automatic Affiliate Links

As the best e-commerce store builder, it is smart and adds your affiliate links to every product added to your site on complete autopilot. You’ll never have to manually add affiliate links every again.

6. 60 Second Setup & Launch

It’s not the best e-commerce store builder for nothing. In just 60 seconds you can set up a brand-new autopilot e-commerce affiliate store for yourself, no hassles, no tech knowledge required. Completely Newbie Friendly.

7. Automatic Image Importing

Our awesome plugin also automatically imports the main product image and all related images to each item added to your site from the source website making each listing higher converting.

8. Automatically Fetches Reviews, Descriptions & Details

You’ll never have to worry about the details, Commission Machine gets you everything related to a product added to your site–customer reviews, detailed item descriptions, and all the minute details.

9. Autopilot Import of New Products–Set & Forget Software Does It For You

This plugin is a complete set & forget, which means once you set it up, you won’t have to run another setup ever again, it will automatically add new products to your categories every single day.

10. Advanced Search & Filters

Finding products to sell on your site has never been easier, with advanced filters to find products by keyword, price, ratings, and many other options, you can pick the PERFECT products easily.

11. Support 7+ Countries for e-commerce Sites

Many e-commerce sites like Amazon cater to various countries and have separate versions of their site for each country. Worry not, our plugin works seamlessly with all those countries and you can connect to the right store based on your selection.

12. The best e-commerce store builder delivers automatic currency conversion

Getting global traffic? No problem, WordPress Commission Machine will automatically convert between currencies for all your products so whether your visitors are from the US, UK, Australia, or China, they can see prices in their own currencies.

13. Intelligent Dashboard for all Products & Sales

All your sales, products, and detailed stats are available in a beautiful dashboard for you to track and see everything in a single view.

14. Import Single Product by ID or ASIN

If you just want to find and import specific products (and not all at the same time) you can do that easily by searching the product by name, ID, or ASIN code of the product and clicking one button.

Download WP Commission Machine now!

How does this Best E-commerce Store Builder Work?

Step 1
Enter a few niches Product Keywords to find & add your products.

Step 2
Pick Your Filters & Categories to Add Your Products

Step 3
Hit Submit and your products are added… Your Site is READY!

Demo Video:

Good Points

1. Helps you build instant affiliate sites for Amazon, eBay & AliExpress.
2. Work on any WordPress theme
3. Newbie Friendly
4. Super easy to use
5. Awesome Bonuses included
6. Responsive technical support


Bad Points

1. You need to contact the support desk for questions
2. You need affiliate IDs for any sites you want to import products or promote from.
3. AliExpress takes a long time to approve new affiliates.


Unless what you need is an online store for digital products platform, there you have it! You no longer need 3 separate sites to earn commissions from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. With this software, the best e-commerce store builder, you need only one affiliate site and you’re ready. Get your copy of the WP Commission Machine here!

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