Powerful CPA Marketing Course-The 7 Options for Success

Here’s a free course on CPA marketing and how to uncover the secrets of getting paid for leads and downloads. This free course introduces you to PPC and CPA advertising and highlights their differences. It’s a master-class course in CPA marketing and will show you how to get set up, how to stack the cards in your favor and how to scale up your operation for gigantic profits. If you want to improve your return on investment (ROI) and if you want to get one step ahead of the competition, then this is something you should learn. Some of the key points in the course are:

  • What is CPA marketing and how does it work?
  • Cost Per Action (or Cost Per Acquisition) versus other forms of marketing
  • CPA platforms like pure CPA networks, Affiliate platforms, CPA with Google, and CPA with Facebook
  • Choosing the right CPA network-which platform to choose
  • How to make your CPA Ads effective: creating the ad, landing page, and tracking
  • How to make money with CPA marketing
  • The CPA success formula

The course explains the meaning of ‘Action’ ‘Acquisition’ and ‘Conversion,’ terms referring to the same concept. In PPC advertising, you as an advertiser are paying for a click when a purchase or subscription has not taken place. This means that none of these outcomes is guaranteed to happen even though you have incurred a cost.

CPA Marketing-What You Need to Know

CPA marketing is more goal-oriented and gives you the opportunity to calculate your return on investment (ROI) when compared with PPC marketing. If your aim is simply to make people aware of your business, as some do use television or magazine adverts, the cost-per-action marketing strategy might not be the best choice. The problem here is you can’t directly measure how ‘aware’ someone has become of your brand.

We can view CPA marketing from these angles. Sometimes CPA can mean you literally only pay when you gain a sale (CPS) or when you gain a lead (CPL). At other times though, CPA simply means that you calculate what your CPP (cost per click) is costing you per sale. How much of what you’re spending on clicks is being translated into sales, and is that still profitable for you? Reading the full course will help you:

  • Choose the best for you
  • Figure out why CPL is the choice of many people
  • Consider the option of PPC with CPA functionality

Small businesses, like yours, prefer the CPA approach to advertising because it gives direct returns on all advertising, unlike big businesses that can sink a huge amount into advertising campaigns just for creating brand awareness. To the small businesses, that’s a sort of intangible long-term investment that they cannot afford.

You need this course to understand the similarity between CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. Just note that affiliate marketing is a form of cost-per-action marketing. This means that a seller or advertiser pays out a commission only when there’s a sale (paying per action) or lead (paying per lead). Learn more when you read the course.

Pure CPA networks, especially the more popular ones, will give you the platform to set up pure CPA, CPL, and CPS campaigns. This course will show you how to monitor reviews on the performance of CPA marketing platforms. In some networks, they may require you to pay per install, per sale, per video, or per lead. There’re plenty of pure CPA marketing platforms out there. At the end of the course, you should be able to eliminate the low-quality networks and select trustworthy CPA platforms.

In our free course, affiliate platforms have been described as tools that simply allow you to take a product and sell it from a landing page while inviting as many other marketers as you like to join in and help you make sales for a cut of the profits. This is affiliate marketing though functionally similar to CPA marketing since you only pay commission for successful transactions. This business model works well for both the digital marketing niche and the physical products platforms.

The advantage of this course is that it gives you the options available for you to do your CPA marketing. CPA with Google is not just an option, but one of the best CPA platforms for many people. Google AdWords is a PPC advertising platform where you’ve to pay per click whether you benefit or not. The good thing is Google has some powerful tools that functionally extend the platform to handle some CPA functions. For example, the tools will enable you to:

  • track your adverts to ensure they still convert and how much you’re paying for them
  • make changes to your ads to make more money
  • get Google to ‘do your bidding’ for you automatically

You have an added advantage in Google, a much larger and respected publisher to work with. In the course, you’ll learn about how to use CPA with Google and much more.

Another CPA marketing platform discussed in the course is a CPA with Facebook. This platform only charges you for successful actions and not for each click. The advantage of Facebook over pure CPA networks are the:

  • huge number of people you can reach
  • control over your adverts
  • reputation of the publisher (Facebook)

Based on what Facebook considers being an ‘action’ you can’t track purchases or subscriptions to your mailing list. Learn more about CPA with Facebook in our free CPA marketing course.

The course takes full care of the hints provided by this blog. Read it to understand your CPA data and statistics and how to analyze them to adjust for better results. You’re going to learn about how to create your CPA marketing ads, creating a landing page, and how to make money with CPA.

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With the hint so far about this course, you know now that the CPA advertising method is full of options, and it’s a complicated form of marketing. Before accessing the course, I have given you some idea of the options available to prepare you for the deeper analysis. Microsoft advertising presents another perspective to digital marketing.

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