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My List Building Course: 7 Easy Steps to Get A Targeted List

This free list building course will guide you on how to build an email list like a professional. It will help you build a long-term business that will generate steady income for you. After taking the course, your online business will come alive, you’ll build relationships with your audience, understand their problems to solve them, and make money from them.

Building an email list is one of the ‘complicated concepts’ in online marketing especially for beginners. This course simplifies everything list building, brings your struggle to an end, and you’ll be able to pick a niche, set up a squeeze page, offer a gift, and set up a sales funnel. So, here’s the summary of what you’re going to learn in our course:

  • How professionals build their targeted email list
  • How to pick the right niche
  • List building tools you need to succeed
  • How to create your free offer (Lead magnet)
  • Sales funnel and how to create one
  • Mastering your list with an autoresponder
  • How to set up an effective squeeze page

To build an email list, you need creative thinking and some practice like when you want to set up a WordPress site, create a product, or write a sales copy. Learn from our list building course what makes for a good email list. Big versus small list, building relationships, and brand influence are some lessons in the course. Successful marketers think and work on their subscribers to make them.

  • Open most of the emails sent to them
  • Read and not delete those emails
  • Cherish and accept the content
  • Commit their money based on recommendation
  • Yean for more products and services
  • Respond with feedbacks to help in learning the market and providing more solutions

This should be your focus too if you want to succeed like the professionals. That’s the essence of this course. Click on the link towards the end of this post to gain access to the full course. It’s FREE!

People don’t give out money just for anything. Rather, they spare their cash for something valuable. At the list building stage, your gift or giveaway must be something valuable and capable of solving the problems of your audience. It’s the same principle that guides producers and service providers. They provide the people with their actual needs before they can receive cash. “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.’’ -Zig Ziglar

list building
Email list

What is the right niche all about when you want to build an email list? The right niche is the market where people are desperately looking for help. An Eskimo cannot be desperate for ice so you can’t sell some to him, but you can sell water to a man in the desert. This is just a tip of what you’ll get in the course. You’re going to learn that the best markets with the right niches have three characteristics. They’re big, with desperate buyers, and solutions. Health, wealth, and relationships are the markets that meet these criteria. Inside the course, you’ll get everything about how to pick a niche.

Building an email list can be simplified with the list building tools like an autoresponder, a hosting service, domain or web address, and a squeeze page. You’ll discover the features to look out for in the course. The type of autoresponder you need, what makes a good hosting, choosing a domain name, and a professional-looking squeeze page. Investing in these tools will automate the process and help boost your conversions.

The course will take you through setting up and managing your autoresponder, how to launch your squeeze page, and how to master your email list. We should set up an email for business list building in this way to enjoy the full benefits.

Sales Funnel as Part of your List Building Effort

The meaning and illustration of what a sales funnel should look like are there in our free list building course. Your squeeze page should be a high-converting, fresh-looking page. If you do it right your email list will grow big full of targeted leads. At the end of the course, you’ll understand why such pages can help you gather contact information easily, capture more leads, sell more, and maximize profits.

Your free offer (lead magnet) is something you can give away for free but should be targeted, clear, informative, and usable. If your lead magnet is as an e-book or a video, the free course will show you the way to do it well. The course recommends an e-book over a video for some reasons you’ll discover as you study the course. Don’t waste a lot of time perfecting your gift you can come back anytime to tweak it. Remember that the gift will help the person know, like and trust you, right?

The free offer download page is the place where your visitors will get the value (free offer) they earlier signed up for. They’re now on your list so you continue sharing more information for free to nourish the trust and relationship. 

The sales funnel aspect of the list building process has the squeeze page, lead magnet, and download page as an introduction. Nothing stops you from moving deeper into the sales funnel by offering high-ticket items for hundreds of dollars payment. We have explained this in the course. Those who understand this game better say that “Nobody makes a living selling $5 information products all day. Instead, you use these inexpensive products to build a customer base, and then some of those customers will invest higher amounts of money to solve their problems.” Click on the link towards the end of this post to gain access to the full course. It’s FREE!

To set up or run a business, you must spend money or time or both. For an online business, generating traffic is difficult. Driving traffic to your website requires that you use paid methods or free methods or both. The course recommends you use both methods.

Click on this link to gain access to the full course now!

Whatever you choose and for our free list building course, keep in mind that paid traffic isn’t just effective- it’s FAST. You can have thousands of people to your site within hours, whereas most free methods take a long, long time to build up. Industry leaders say that it would be great if you can have BOTH types of traffic coming in. Not only will this give you more subscribers and sales, but it will help you determine what traffic sources work best for you, and then you can focus on them. Get into the course and see the explanation of the best sources of paid and free traffic methods. Good luck!

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