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How to Publish on Kindle: Free Course Shows 10 steps…

How to publish on Kindle is another free course for making money online. Though this strategy is uncommon and under-used, it is potentially profitable. This online course will help you understand the passive income benefits of book publishing whether you’re busy or at rest. You’ll learn why Amazon kindle publishing is better than selling a “make money’’ e-book on your website.

Our online course provides a kind of map to guide you to publish on kindle. You get the highest chance of success because the course helps you avoid the pitfalls in the world of Amazon kindle publishing such as how to:

  • Navigate and succeed in Amazon publishing
  • Create and publish your own books
  • Create e-books quickly
  • Overcome the taxes, commissions, and legal standards
  • Promote your e-books
  • Handle customers and reviews
  • Make visitors discover your books using SEO
  • Package and price your books to get more sales
  • Diversify and appear on other e-readers
  • Prepare your business against future changes

More on How to Publish on Kindle

If you want to publish on kindle like a professional author and publisher, the course will help you learn more. Access this course to enable you to understand how the kindle ecosystem works and how you can thrive in kindle publishing. You’ll learn about the kindle, kindle store, kindle niches, and kindle books. Kindle publishing demands a process just like the E-commerce business model.

Get ready to learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction books before you publish on kindle. Non-fiction books sell very well because they solve specific problems facing people. The problem you want to solve, the title of your book, the key phrase and related phrases people are searching for are some factors you have to consider before you publish with kindle.

The threat of competition will become past tense after reading this course. Learn more about broad and narrow niches and how to pick the perfect niche. You can stand out in a very crowded market by narrowing the topic you publish on kindle. You learn how to choose a particular audience within a larger audience. Your choice should be unique with the broad universal appeal but make it easier to rank for in search results. This way you can gather some passive income ideas to build your financial empire in the long run.

Using our free course you can train yourself on how to create outstanding books that will sell. Readers looking for quality books to read. How interesting is the subject? Do you know what you’re talking about? Make sure you follow this course from beginning to the end before you publish on kindle. It will teach you about how to provide free samples and free trials for your potential readers to help them make informed decisions.

What is the length of your book? Do you go for a longer or shorter book? This course will answer those questions. So many aspects of your book like imagery, font, and layout will be explained in the course. To publish on kindle, you can outsource the creation of your book to freelancers. The course has a lot of sources of content to use in your amazon kindle publishing. For promotion, the course will take you through the concept of ‘horizontal exposure.’

Publish on Kindle

You have finished with niche research, writing your book, and your audience. It’s time to make your book conform to kindle standards. This course will guide you through Amazon’s formatting guide. The course covers all the crucial like text file format, image format, font selection, page handling, table of contents, and bookmarks. Page handling may include a title page, copyright page, dedication, preface, prologue, biographies, appendices, notes, and glossaries. You may use your back pages to advertise your other interests.

This free and great course will teach you how to publish on kindle by uploading your book to the Kindle direct publishing platform. This makes it easier for you to upload and manage all your titles. Learn how to enter the new title (name of the book), subtitle, series title, volume number, edition number, language, author, publisher, contributors, ISBN, categories, and publishing rights.

Our online course will show you the elements that can make your book discoverable among many other titles. Proper description, selecting the category, reading age, and much more will help in maximizing your sales. Create or outsource a beautiful, high definition book cover for your title. Make sure your book has colours that’ll make it look good and fit into different devices. This is how to publish on kindle to stand out when people are browsing for books. No affiliate marketing course will cover kindle publishing like this course.

You’ll learn from this course how to choose your royalty payment. Your choice affects your profits and sales. You’ll understand the indices that should guide you as you make your choice. Your category, customer reviews and ratings, best seller rank, previous sales, and more are important in choosing your royalty price. Don’t just try to publish on kindle without taking these things into consideration because choosing your royalty price carefully affects positively on your turnover and profit margins as an author.

This course takes you through deciding how to monetize and distribute your book. Learn how to earn with kindle select, kindle unlimited, Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, kindle Direct, etc. Learn how Amazon gives your book exposure based on reviews, ratings, and downloads. Also, how you can create an author page on Amazon central to help give your books more credibility. These are besides using the traditional marketing methods like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads that increase your cost but will help give your book more attention in the long run.

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Finally, make sure you point out just how your book is going to be different from all the others on the market. Especially if you’re going for a big niche – you need to bring something unique and new to the topic that people haven’t read before. If it’s a book containing workouts, then you need to discuss the unusual and little known training methods found in that book that no one else is aware of.

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