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How to Make Money By Blogging as a Top Blogger in 2021

If you decide to make money by blogging, especially as a beginner, you need some help. We’re here to offer that help with our blogging course that’s loaded with everything you need. Better still, the course is hundred percent free, yet it contains unique information that can elevate you to the position of a top blogger. No surprise if I hear you ask “What is it like to be a top blogger?’’ Well, the course has all the answers. Read on!

To become a top influencer with your own powerful blogs we’ve extracted a summarized outline of the course, showing the steps you should follow to make money by blogging without stress.

  • Is the concept of blogging as a business real?
  • Strategies you need to use when choosing your niches
  • How to create your business brand including brand logo
  • Blogging tools and ideas you need to build a top blog
  • How to create and invest on your personal brand
  • How to create your blog and social media content
  • YouTube and your blogging business
  • The best promotional strategies for your blog and videos
  • How to turn your blog into a highly profitable full-time job

One of the most important strategies you must consider when you want to make money by blogging is choosing the right niche and coming up with a brand. It’s a process that you should give time and attention to because your fate is sealed as soon as you choose or cannot choose a brand. Your choice can affect your success or failure as a blogger including some of your blogging ideas.

This free course will show you how to make sure your niche is a subject you’re passionate about. Whatever idea you choose, don’t impress, focus on doing your thing based on the things you already know and love at the moment. You can go further in future after doing some research. This is important if you’re just learning how to start blogging to earn money.

This blogging course will literally take you by the hand and show you how to become a top blogger by deploying your time and knowing your subject. You’ll learn how to:

  • Become a top source by contributing the most comprehensive and accurate information out there or
  • Contribute new ideas that no one else has come up with

Free Course Teaches You How to Make Money By Blogging

If you don’t know how to start blogging, our free course will help you start one, turn it into a blog to read, and fulfil your dream of blogging to make money. You’ll be taken through the path of narrowing your niche the right way. To make money by blogging, you need to create a brand out of your niche by creating a very distinct topic and tone that helps you to carve out your own audience while writing about the things that really interest you.

This course will expose you to effective ways of promoting your blog. Before you can make money by blogging, you need traffic. Display advertising like Adsense will not earn you much if you don’t have heavy traffic on your blog. If you can’t afford advertising cost like PPC at this early stage, you need to find free methods of marketing your blog to grow your audience with time. The course shows you how to identify routes to your market where you can advertise for free.

One of the key lessons you’ll learn in this course is creating your brand. Key lessons like knowing your:

  • Niche
  • Target audience
  • Mission statement

-what your blog is doing for people

-what people will read your content

-how you plan to bring value to the world

  • Blog’s philosophy
  • Blog and the lifestyle you want to promote

If you want to make money by blogging, you can use a good logo in your blog to enhance your brand. The blogging course will also guide you on how to create your logo as part of your brand. At the end of the course, you’ll understand the difference between the paint and vector files in logo creation and management. If you want to be a top blogger, then your website needs to be as good as that of any other top blogger.

make money by blogging

Having a personality attached to a blog makes it more relatable, more interesting, and much more trustworthy. Reading the blog of a guy who lives the life he promotes: who is in fantastic shape, looks confident and attractive and who is friendly and outgoing, suddenly they become a walking advert for the ideas and lifestyle they recommend. Creating a personal brand also opens up a lot more marketing opportunities and makes more sense with Instagram etc. Learn more about the course.

No blogging course is complete without a lesson or chapter on creating content. Once your blog and brand are ready, the personality you want to portray is ready. The next thing you need to do is to fill your blog and social media accounts with content. Text, image, and video are the common examples of content you need in your blog. To make money by blogging and indeed becoming a top blogger needs regular blogging and how often you need to do it is recommended in this course.

Blogging to earn money takes time especially for those who are fully employed. You need some blogging tools and certain blogging ideas to help you reach the top. Our free course will take you through all these. It will expose the nature of Google concerning content creation and how it affects you and your audience. Content management is important, short and long articles, writing in batches, among others will help your blog to grow as one of the best blogging platforms.

Whatever the nature and niche of your blog you should make your content stand out by

  • Writing in a colloquial (informal or friendly manner that is easy to read)manner
  • Providing value to the reader
  • Making your content unique, exciting, and engaging

When you keep to this standard and with regular content, your blog will be alive and you’ll make money by blogging with time. Get much more on this inside the course including social media posting techniques.

This blogging course will take you through Youtube as means of becoming a top blogger faster, It simply says about YouTube “This is a much more personal form of media, a more persuasive one and one that exists on a platform where it’s relatively easy to do high-quality SEO and get to the top of big searches.’’ YouTube will help you make money by blogging the right way. Access the course free from the link below and learn how to:

  • decide on the kinds of videos you want to create
  • create shorter videos that will convey snippets of information
  • post frequently – very important
  • be relatively informal (conversational) in your delivery
  • do video production and marketing

Remember that your blog and YouTube channel are meant to be discovered by search engines and visited by people. So, one strategy to promote your platforms as explained in the course is true social media communities like Reddit, Google Plus, Digg, Stumble upon, etc. You can make money by blogging but you need to monetize your blog and through promotion, it will be easier to achieve this. The course will tell you more about influencer marketing, guest posting, and mailing list, and SEO.

Click on this link to access the free blogging course now

In conclusion, you have created a unique brand; you add content regularly, you’ve got followers, and you’re taking care of them. Keep promoting your blog, keep it growing, and turn it into a full-time job. What you’re getting from this course is a blueprint to turn blogging into a highly profitable full-time job. When you’re done, you can monetize your blog by reading our free affiliate marketing course if you’re interested in affiliate marketing-one way to make money by blogging.

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