set up a new wordpress website

How to Set Up a New WordPress Website in 10 Minutes or Less

When you want to set up a new WordPress website or blog, there’re steps that’ll help you create a professional-looking site. You’ll need a custom domain, web hosting, install and set up WordPress software. At this stage, start changing the design and template of your blog using a suitable theme and plugins.

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The design stage involves tweaking the general security and SEO settings. Create the about, contact, disclaimer, and under construction pages. You also need EU GDPR compliance with cookie consent notice, terms and conditions, cookie policy, privacy policy, data access request, etc. These pages and special settings will help to make the new site become successful. For this reason, your WordPress site needs a professional touch right from the beginning.

Set Up a New WordPress Website with a Software

To create GDPR ready websites from the start in this way, I use a unique WordPress software. The features of this software will serve your interest if you’re a blogger, marketer, or anybody planning to build a new website using WordPress. It’s also good for re-building an abandoned WordPress site to start afresh and make it look modern and professional.

set up a new wordpress website

You really need this great software if you want to set up a new WordPress website for

  • Adsense niches
  • Affiliate review products
  • Amazon niches
  • Personal products
  • Facebook niches
  • Local businesses
  • etc

This application will help you revive your old abandoned WordPress websites. You only click a button and your old and abandoned website will turn into a fresh WordPress blog without re-installing WordPress. It’s a super-easy-way to reset your worthless site back to help you start anew, rebrand, and make any changes without fear. You can support the software with this SEO tools pack for WordPress.

  • complete your set up tasks faster than your competitors
  • kill that fear of starting a site by automatically eliminating the manual tasks
  • spend just a few minutes not hours or days to set up a new WordPress website that work and look professional
  • say goodbye to hard to follow, complicated training materials by pressing a button and your site is ready

This software uses the power of automation to deliver those boring initial WordPress tasks that usually take hours or days in a matter of minutes. Every new WordPress installation needs it since it requires no technical skills. The important thing is that it’s a newbie friendly tool for creating sites that are.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Search engine supported
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready

I’m also using this software because I started this site and some others from scratch and I used it to bypass boring, repetitive grunt work. For example, I set up a new WordPress website each time completing these tasks almost automatically:

  • WordPress general settings
  • SEO settings
  • security settings
  • creating about, privacy, contact pages, etc
  • deleting sample pages that come with WordPress
  • removing posts and comments that come with WordPress
  • installing all the important plugins
  • creating categories, posts, and pages
  • adding disclaimers
  • add under construction pages
  • give access to your registered users only
  • make my site fully EU GDPR compliant with cookie consent notice, terms and conditions, cookie policy, privacy policy, data access request, etc
  • the customizations are almost endless

Why You Need This Software to Set Up a New WordPress Website

If not for any other thing, there are loads of other GDPR compliance software out there for WordPress, but none of them is an all-in-one solution like this one. This piece solves all the GDPR problems and helps me create a more professional looking website. With this great tool, I could break free from all the setup headaches and obstacles. To set up a new WordPress website you’ll find this software handy.

If you want to earn income from Amazon, you can use it to monetize your website by creating automatic affiliate links in your content. In addition, you may monetize your site with another affiliate program of your choice by adding your affiliate links. You can even set up a new WordPress website for unlimited websites using all the features.

Starting a WordPress website without this software will be so time-consuming and even complex. To save hours or days, just install this software and automatically specify WordPress settings, install important plugins, create needed pages including legal pages, make your site fully GDPR compliant, and more. Visit our website builder category and start creating important pages in your new WordPress site automatically

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