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Free Facebook Marketing Course 2021-The Power of Facebook Ads

Our Facebook marketing course will show you all you need to know about Facebook marketing and advertising, including what you must ‘learn on the job.’ The course started with some statistics to prove that Facebook is the largest social network and the second biggest website in the world.

Facebook advertising covered in the course shows how you can connect with a vast audience. As a highly versatile and flexible platform, you can use Facebook marketing tools to reach your potential customers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Facebook advertising to target people
  • Leverage existing social networks to spread your message
  • Create a Facebook ad
  • Choose a type, a goal, and a position for your ad
  • Identify Facebook ad types like

-domain ads

-page post links

-multi-product ads

-page post likes

-page post images

-and more

  • Use the best of them, page post ads placed on the newsfeed
  • Target your audience by location, age, gender, interest, behavior, and more

There are still more you will learn when you access the free Facebook marketing course.

Facebook marketing course

The course describes the Facebook marketplace as a huge online platform given that Facebook has 1.44 billion active users with marketing tools and features to reach your potential market. It explained Facebook advertising including the PPC component which is the most powerful advertising tool on Facebook. The free Facebook marketing course will guide you to gain the skills you need to master Facebook marketing and advertising.

Facebook marketing, especially Facebook advertising, is something that very few people will probably understand before they get involved–so read the course and learn all about it so that you can start with the kind of knowledge most advertisers are lacking! By the end, you’ll know more about Facebook marketing than 90% of those using the platform…

Free Facebook Marketing Course Shows You How to Advertise on Facebook

This section of the Facebook marketing course focuses on how Facebook advertising works through the basic principle of pay per click (PPC). The lessons covered here are:

  • Understanding bidding
  • Targeting your audience
  • Advertising your aim
  • Facebook advertising vs Google AdWords
  • Enormous benefits of Facebook Ads

You’ll learn the power of advertising on such a social network with the benefit of the social influence factor. Anytime someone likes shares or comments on your post you might win him over as a fan and everyone in his network will see the post. If your friend likes a brand, you will become much more likely to like that brand or to trust them in future if you need their services.

Facebook Ads Covered in Facebook Marketing Course

There are many types of Facebook Ads described in the course showing the most suitable position of placement for each type of Ads. Examples of ad types discussed in the Facebook marketing course and their positions are:

  • Domain Ad—Right column
  • Page post link—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Multi product Ads—Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Page like—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Page post photo—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Page post video—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Page post text—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Mobile app—Mobile
  • Desktop app—Right column, Newsfeed
  • Event—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed
  • Offer—Right column, Newsfeed, Mobile newsfeed

The eleven Ad types and three unique positions you can choose from have been listed above and discussed in the free Facebook marketing course. The meanings of those positions are:

Right Column: The sidebar on the right-hand side of the page at all times as you are using Facebook.

Newsfeed: The ‘homepage’ on Facebook where you see all the updates from your friends and other contacts.

Mobile Newsfeed: The same homepage but for mobile users specifically.

Click here to gain access to the course and learn more about how to choose the right type of Facebook Ad for your aim, brand, product and/or goal. The Facebook marketing course will help you answer the following questions:

  • What is a Facebook Ad?
  • How does the Ad work?
  • What are the advantages of Facebook ads over other forms of online adverting?
  • How do you leverage the advantages of Facebook ads for your benefits?
  • How do you create a Facebook Ad

How to Get Started Creating a Facebook Ad

The Facebook marketing course will guide you on how to use Facebook features to create your ads in the following order:

  • Selecting the goal of your ad from

-App installs

-App engagement

-clicks to a website

-Event response

-Offer claims

-Page likes

-Page post engagement

-Website conversions

  • Selecting images and editing texts
  • Adding/creating the ad copy

-add the headline/title of ads

-add the text/body of your ads

-add news feed descriptions

  • Targeting your audience/choosing your ad position by








-job title

-life events

-marital status

-political leaning


  • Creating a Facebook page

Make sure you create awareness through your Ad headline and use the Ad text to generate interest. Your post text should make your audience desire your offer and your call to action button should make them take the expected action.

The Facebook marketing Course Will Show You How to Manage Your Ads

Managing your ads involves deploying testing, tweaking, and measuring skills starting from the Facebook Ads Manager. You may not get an effective ad from start but if you continue to monitor your data, you can change the position of your ad, the text, the image, even your target audience. Click on this link to gain free access to the Facebook marketing course and learn more about:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Frequency figure
  • Viewing your report

-cost per action

-return on investment

-data by age

-data by location

-data by sex, etc

  • How to use the Facebook Power Editor
  • How to use content marketing and promote your page
  • How to find amazing content to share

Social media marketing is very effective, especially YouTube marketing and Facebook marketing

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