Turn blog posts into videos

A Powerful Way to Turn Blog Posts into Videos in 10 Secs

I usually turn blog posts into videos on my websites before uploading the videos to my YouTube channels. This practice, over the years, generated backlinks and increased my website rankings and traffic. I loved the results but a lot of manual work was involved so the effort outweighs the benefits. Then the thought of having marketing video maker software that can turn blog posts into engaging videos became real.

I hate doing every little thing manually because it’s frustrating and time-consuming. If I can get super simple software, that’ll help me turn blog posts into videos quickly, building more niche websites will be wonderful. I needed a smart app to turn all my text content into natural-sounding speech. An automation tool that adds post images and selects great music tracks as video background will be great.

Turn blog posts into videos

As the number of my websites grew larger, it became necessary that I look for the best marketing video maker with the best video call to action to help turn blog posts into videos. I wanted YouTube video software that can turn my blog posts into talking videos. It has to be complete with images, music, text, and voiceover, with the ability to publish the videos on YouTube automatically. It’s not just about how to make a YouTube video but getting the best YouTube video maker.

I tried many video makers, complicated ones, automated, and semi-automated. The problems were still not completely solved. When I copy and paste my blog post into some of the software, I still arrange the content including images and music. I still search for and add the right SEO tags, title, and description. Then match the audio with text and video images and finally export to YouTube. Those were not how to make YouTube videos quickly.

Finally, How to Turn Blog Posts into Videos Automatically

That wasn’t fast enough, so I continued to look for video software that can automatically turn blog posts into videos and convert them into YouTube videos. I mean a video app that takes my blog post, creates the audio, adds effects, and publishes the resulting video on YouTube. My effort paid off when I found a Word Press plugin that did all that and more. To test the tool,

  • I added the WordPress plugin to my WordPress site
  • Inside WordPress I selected a post to be turned into a video
  • In minutes it turned blog posts into videos and automatically uploaded to YouTube

This was what I have been looking for, an automated way to get more backlinks and traffic from YouTube. I was busy turning my old posts into YouTube videos. I only write new articles occasionally and create videos quickly with no hard work.

The improvement was massive as I noticed that  

  • The manual process almost eliminated
  • The elimination of complicated and expensive video software
  • More targeted traffic, leads, and sales.
  • Google kept sending me organic traffic and SEO rankings.
  • The replacement of poor traffic methods that have not been working well

It’s now one of the fastest ways to get to my free traffic sources. I use the software to multiply my content across the internet. Manual blogging is tedious but automatic re-purposing of content simplifies the process and increases my backlinks and traffic.

This WordPress plugin is my easiest and fasted way to turn blog posts into videos and draw free YouTube traffic to my website. I use the default mode with settings for voice, music, graphics, and animation to get everything done quickly.

Affiliate marketing opportunities are available in the software. I use it to turn blog posts into videos, add an affiliate link for Clickbank, JVZoo, or WarriorPlus, and the plugin takes care of the rest. This is how I use it to create affiliate review videos and earn affiliate commissions.

One wonderful feature of this great tool is that it comes with over a million high-quality royalty-free images I can use on the videos. It makes things easier for me because finding the right images is challenging sometimes.

This software rocks as a great tool for free traffic by connecting my websites to the best sources of free website traffic. Apart from building traffic from YouTube videos, it helps me get free traffic from top social media sites. So many of them to benefit from including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Medium. Now, I enjoy turning blog posts into videos and manage my social sites better.

YouTube integration in the software makes it easy for me to upload my newly created videos directly to YouTube from where I can search for the best YouTube video niches. As soon as I create the video the right title, description, and SEO tags are added automatically including a backlink to my website. These are SEO values to help rank your videos on YouTube. After creating a new video it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to successfully upload it to YouTube.

The problem of creating videos on my blog posts became a thing of the past because the software helps me do that. By automatically adding a new video to my blog post the ranking of my website in Google keeps going up. Whenever I use the 1-Click option, it takes me less than 10 seconds to turn blog posts into videos.

Its text-to-voice engine creates a natural-sounding voiceover for videos in nine languages including male and female voices. It offers general English, United Kingdom English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian/Portuguese, and Japanese. What a way to create marketing videos for business websites around the globe. This WordPress plugin has answered the question of “how do I make animated videos for YouTube.”

If I don’t want the video to be uploaded directly to YouTube using the software, I download it to my computer. This I use in my other websites or places where I want. I also create different versions of a video to multiply my backlinks. So, when I turn blog posts into videos I can generate so many links and not just one link back to my site.

With just one click, you can now turn any blog post or article on your WordPress website into a talking video for traffic and backlinks. So, click here now to learn more about this powerful software that can turn blog posts into videos in 10 seconds or less.

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